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What We Offer

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Our Services

CRO Services

1. Custom Peptide Antigen Synthesis

Our peptide design and synthesis services include modifications such as phosphorylation, acetylation, and biotinylation. A wide range of carrier proteins is available.

Customers provides

  • Amino acid sequence of the target protein

Service procedures

  • Peptide design

  • Peptide synthesis

  • Peptide conjugation


  • Peptide sequences

  • 2mg unconjugated peptide

2. ELISA Kit Development Service

Antigen preparation 


  • If you want to customize an antigen, please fill out this  form.

  • Rabbit pAb generation

Antibody generation 

ELISA Kit development

  • Antibody labeling

  • Antibody matched pair screening

  • Assay development and optimization

  • ELISA Kit manufacturing


  • Validated antibody pair set

  • CoA

3. Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

  • SDS-PAGE and UV analysis

Antigen validation

  • Pre-immune bleed

  • 2 rabbits immunization

  • Serum titer test

  • Final bleed

Standard immunization and

serum titer test


  • Protein A purification

  • Antigen affinity purification (As per customer's request)

  • SDS-PAGE and UV analysis

  • ELISA validation

QC analysis


  • Pre-immune sera, 2*0.5 mL/rabbit

  • Antisera or purified antibodies

  • CoA

  • Remaining antigens

4. E.coli Protein Expression Service

Gene synthesis and codon optimization (Optional)

  • Simply provide us with the protein/gene sequence or the plasmid.

Vector construction

  • Cloning cDNA into expression vectors

  • Plasmid sequencing

  • Plasmid preparation 


  • Sequencing report (if requested)

Protein expression testing

  • E. coli strain transformation

  • Pilot expression and purification trial

  • Protein expression evaluation (SDS-PAGE)


  • Expression evaluation result

  • Soluble protein purification

  • Protein refolding and purification (inclusion bodies)

  • QC analysis (SDS-PAGE, UV, etc)


  • 0.5-1 mg purified proteins (if feasible)

  • CoA

Scalable expression and 1-2 step purification

Large-scale expression and purification (Optional)

  • 100+ mg

  • QC analysis


  • Purified proteins

  • CoA

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